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Shawl - Artifacts

Image Shawl
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Seller's Description: Wall hanging Lowland Lao, red silk center, white overshot. Lower panel figure with canes over head. Colored fringe on one end. Abstract design of houses, people, and animals. Very fine embroidery on silk with silk thread. A deep red, lac dyed silk segment of a ceremonial shawl. It has a supplemental weft on most of the silk. The shawl has 6 segments of pattern. On the unfringed side are 2 segments with mirror images of Kosasingh, mythological long-nosed lions, carrying humans on their backs. They use yellow, green, blue, pink, and white silk. A larger segment has white overshot patterning of one large diamond with repeating borders. It covers the red almost entirely. The next 2 segments are mirror images of a human figure, holding tiered floral decorations, as altar offerings, standing on boats. The last segment has two lines of supplemental weft separated by the red lac silk. There is a border of fringe on the bottom. Each fringe is 5.5" long and of varying circumference and are placed at uneven intervals.
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