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Shawl - Artifacts

Image Shawl
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A deep red (lac dyed) handspun silk ceremonial shawl with supplemental weft patterns at each end. On one end are six strips of embroidery. The center strip has five "third eyes", large diamond shapes of green, yellow, indigo, and red. The dominant color of this end is beige. At its edge is one strip of embroidery with attached fringe. Each piece of colored fringe is 9 cm long. A solid piece of lac dyed silk is hand sewn to the other embroidered end. This end is dense patterning of symmetrical diamonds decreasing in size to the center. It is bordered on either side with two colorful strips of yellow, green, red, and black, and one 6.5 cm wide black embroidered strip. The blue, green, red, yellow, and beige fringe at this end are 23.5 cm long. This shawl is worn across the body in a banner-like way with the long fringed end hanging down the front. This is probably over 100 years old as shawls of this type have not been woven for about this length of time.
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