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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Wood Kokeshi Doll A: Round head turned from very light colored wood. Head has a peg which fits into hole in top of body. Painted black locks of hair on forehead and on each side, painted red bow and lips in the shape of two dots and a line, high pointed, gray eyebrows, black closed eyes, tiny black line for nose. B: Cylindrical Body has a red domed top, cylinder shape comes in slightly at the waist which has a red paper band glued around it. Above the band in the front are painted green and black (sumi) flowers (bush clover) and below is a branch of red dots representing blossoms and kanji written in red "Miyagi no hagi" (Miyagi fields of bush clover). The doll is signed on the bottom in black kanji, comes from Miyagi region.
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