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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Dancing woman with folded fan in right hand. A: Standing hollow pottery doll with left foot and left arm are spread out, holds the edge of her sleeve with right hand. Painted, long black hair tied loosely at lower back, tan colored hair ribbon, short side bangs, painted black eyebrows, partially opened eyes, painted black lid outlines, black hairline, closed red lips. Beige color kimono with grayish blue plum branch, gold flowers, gold and white buds on chest, sleeves, and lower front, off-white collar and rose colored sleeve opening. Navy blue narrow obi tied loosely in back with one white plum blossom in front. White feet sticking out of lower hem of white undergarment. On the bottom are two labels "Sato Doll Company, Hakata, Japan", black label in shape of plum blossom "Made in Japan, S. Washable Patent". One hole in the bottom. B: Right arm which holds fan in raised right hand, dark pink slats, white, grey (silver) and gold., looped wire on end which fits into hole in doll. Condition: Repaired chip on B near loop, chip at edge of fan, left sleeve around wrist is chipped.
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