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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Standing Samurai with short and long sword, holding lantern A: Painted pottery standing male figure, right arm bent and held up to shoulder height, typical samurai hair style painted in black and tied in back with white tie, crown of head is painted with a greenish tinge, sweeping upward black eyebrows, upper and lower lids outlined in black, painted brown eyes, burnt orange colored lips, tanned complexion, pinkish cheeks, white fingernails. Lavendar kamishimo and hakama with dark blue stripe in front and back of hakama and below front waist, with gold horizontal dots, mon (family crest) on front, back and both sleeves--tomoe mon (2 commas). White belt tied in front in a bow, white tabi and tan zori with sky blue colored straps. Two metal spikes on the bottom on the feet to fit into missing base. At waist shows a small portion of a black scabbard. B: Tachi long sword, L: 6.75", made of wood with black painted blade, gold painted sword guard in four petalled flower, brown painted handle giving the appearance of wrapped braid creating a white diamond design on both sides of the handle, gold tipped. Insect hole in blade. C: Tanto short sword, L: 2.5", Diam: .5", painted gold and silver handle with textured center, blade is made from thick metal wire protruding from the center of the handle which inserts inside the black scabbard (part of the figure). D: Lantern, H: 3.75", Diam: 2.625", pottery painted off-white with ridges, mon on front is a blue and gold circle with two crossed falcon feathers painted blue with gold accents, black painted bamboo holder and top of lantern held on with wire
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