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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll--Kabuki Actor figure (Kanzinchiyo) Painted pottery standing figure holding a spread scroll, right arm straight to side, left arm crooked, head facing left. Small black "pill box" hat pointed in center and held with white silk cord inserted below cheek. Long loose black hair held by a thin band at the nape of the neck. Pale greenish complexion with blush on cheeks, black upswept eyebrows, thin black outlined eyelids, eyelashes and around nose. Black makeup upswept from lower lid, pale peach lips, serious expression, facial lines around chin. Clothing consists of black haori jacket with gold abstract character designs spread over front and back, around the front opening is a wagesa strap painted gold and olive green with tortoise shell grid enclosing blue and red Chinese flowers, raised white floral buttons in four places, continues on the back as a strap hanging down the center with two white floral buttons on top; fastened around the waist with a thin brown belt and end laying down the front in a tablet shape with a black diamond shaped cloud design. Yellow plaid short kimono with narrow blue and brown stripes and wider green stripes (dark blue squares appear at intersections). On front at left side is a aqua blue silk cord tied in a bow and stiffened inserted into a hole in the top of clay fringes. The cord diverges to the side (continues as a painted cord at the back attached to the wagesa) and another silk cord, purple and white hangs down the side and inserted into a hole in the doll. Off-white hakama with gold motifs of Buddhist wheel and clouds, across the center is a fold, (bulges out at the back under the black robe); white tabi socks. The figure holds a pottery scroll which is unrolled painted white with black dowel ends. (B) On the left wrist are black glass beads wrapped around twice, 2 imitation pearl beads at the end separating into a black wire structure which supports a painted black and red clay fringe which is attached to the doll with a wire peg. Bamboo spikes extend from the bottom of each foot. Crack on the bottom of the right foot and up to the back of his heel (may be a repair).
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