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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll--Dancer with sake dish in hand A: Dancing figure with spread feet, knees bent, arms held out, separate hands, tan complexion, greenish shaved pate, samurai black hair is tied at back of crown and tied with white cord, black upswept eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes and long sideburns, orangey red pursed lips, slightly green shaved chin. Clothing consists of a light green rough textured kimono with bluish black and white spiral wisteria medallions, gray kamishimo is worn over left shoulder, gold mon on left chest and center back (one horizontal line and 3 stars), gray hakama with navy blue horizontal bands and stripes, white obi wrapped twice and tied in bow in front, white tabi socks. Green cord with silver and white design wrapped around scabbard painted in red, beige sword guard. On the bottom right foot is an S shaped sticker "Sato Hakata Doll Co., Hakata, Japan" and on the right foot is a plum blossom shaped sticker "Made in Japan, Washable, Patent". B: Hand with red plate, L: 7.625", Diam. Plate: 3.5", painted pottery arm below elbow and hand is holding red sake place with a gold character meaning happiness, tan complexion, off-white nails, at elbow is a painted metal wire loop to fit into opening of left sleeve. C: Sword handle, L: 2.5", W: .375", pottery handle painted in gold, gold diamond motif in center of white background, wire extends from end to fit into hole in doll. D: Halberd (naginata), L: 18.5", painted wood, silver painted wood blade, red handle dusted with gold, lower part of handle has 3 black rings with gold and silver spirals between; end comes to a point painted black with 2 gold rings.
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