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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll--Hideyoshi figure with fan A: Painted pottery male figure sitting cross legged, holding fan in right hand, left hand on lap, head tilted slightly downward. Tan complexion, black eyebrows, eyelids, brown eyes, black moustache and long thin beard, wispy black hair at back. Black hat with high back and slat (B) running through slot in head. Clothing consists of a grey robe with large sleeves, square neck, scattered with gold and white kiri leaves and flowers (family crest flower), white collar and sleeve lining, red underrobe showing at neck with gold arrow motif and showing at sleeve openings; green belt shows at back; dark blue hakama pants with white kiri flower, leaf and tendril medallions on knees; black shoes. On bottom is an S shaped sticker "Sato Hakata Doll Co., Hakata, Japan" and a plum blossom shaped sticker "Made in Japan, Washable, Patent". B: Hat slat, L: 2.875", W: .25", flat with rounded ends, black painted bamboo. C: Fan, L: 4", W: 2", painted pottery flat fan in beige with gold decoration and handle, two gold kiri plants on one side, back side is plain, at end of the partial handle is a wire which fits into hole in right hand of A. End of handle is part of the figure and extends below the hand
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