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Wing Luke Museum
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Service, Tea - Artifacts

Image Service, Tea
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Clay tea set. Brown clay painted burnt red with black areas (A) Wide, shallow bowl with cylindrical handle (B) Bowl with three prongs extending inwards, from the rim towards the center (C) Teacup with handle (D) Small bowl with a ruffled rim (E) Lid for A? (F) Lid for G (G) Small jar. Rounded base flares outwards before narrowing at the neck with another slight flare to the rim (H) Small, shallow dish. Flat bottom flaring slightly outwards to the rim (I) Shallow dish with a handle curving over the top (J) Teapot with chipped rim and broken handle (K) Lid for J (L) Handle piece from J (M) Handle piece from J (N) Handle piece from J (O) Handle piece from J
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