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Wing Luke Museum
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Shawl - Artifacts

One silk multi-colored textile length called "moro", and resembling a shawl, with geometrical designs. Each length has a broad border, 22.75" wide, made up of six sections in between narrow striped borders. The outermost two borders have a pattern of interlocking stepped diamonds in bright salmon pink, jade green, blue, orange, magenta, and purple with white stepped squares in between. The third border has full stepped diamonds framed by 1/4 diamonds in the same colors plus a pale yellow. These eight colors are repeated throughout the textile. The fourth border has stepped diagonal stripes; the fifth has repeated double-armed crosses with the interstices filled with contrasting colors. The sixth and widest border has multi-colored octagonals each divided into four parts by a cross motif in a contrasting color. The main central section of the textile length is divided horizontally into 3 panels. The central one is composed of 4 continuous zig-zag into 3 stripes, the 2 flanking panels have stepped diamonds. Each is divided along its axes into 4 contrasting color sections. The warp (vertical threads) is of red yarn, which when interwoven with the various colors of the weft yarn, produces a beautiful "shot" effect to the vibrant hues. Weaving dates back to c. 200BC in the Philippines hand-woven on a simple back-strap loom.
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