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Miniature ceramic Chinese palace in eight sections, made to form a traditional castle with portals, guard houses, and Chinese shaped roof. All the sections are cermaic in orange, white, mustard, and green. Damage: in fairly good condition except for some flaking of glaze. Dimension of castle selection: (a) L: 6.5" , W: 2.5" White series of bridges on a white rect. platform (b) H: 2" , W: 3.5" Central castle area (c) H: 2.75", W: 6.25" Bridge bottom (d) H: 2.5" , W: 3" Bridge support (e) H: 2.5" , W: 3" Bridge support (f) ? Guard house (g) H: 1.5" , W: 0.5" Guard house (h) H: 1.5" , W: 3" Palace top
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