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Wing Luke Museum
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Wheel, Spinning - Artifacts

(a) Lahu wooden spinning wheel: Bamboo wheel with six spokes radiating from barrel-shaped, notched central axle. Spokes support twin radials, which are braced by spacers, spoke-to-spoke. Radials are further reinforced by a continuous woven arrangement of red cord -- it forms a pattern of elongated diamonds. Axle is supported by two posts and crossbar, which is also base for the lengthwise single-bar frame. Opposite end of wheel frame holds a carved wood piece which has a four-sided base holding a perforated oval shape and a pointed spire-shaped top. The top has carved ridges as decoration. The perforations have braided twine padding throught them to hold the tension bar. There is a key-hole-shaped cutout within the oval shape, presumably for decoration. The wheel is turned by a crank-shaped iron bar handle. The loop of string around the wheel continues back on one side of the vertical slat, then loops around the spindle bar and returns to the wheel via the opposite side of the vertical slat. (b) Painted iron spindle bar, 12", which attaches to carved end at angle, and rests on the ground. The lower end has masking tape, higher end has a 2" bamboo wrap and white cotton thread is wound around the handle. (c) Vertical bamboo slat with peg end which inserts in lengthwise single bar frame. 9.75"
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