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Picture, woven - Artifacts

Image Picture, woven
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A woven tray made of a bamboo circular frame and split bamboo in a chevron weave forming the tray proper. There are seven miniature replicas of Thai fishing utensils attached. There are two nets, a lead-weighted throw net, and a dip net with a handle and arms; when lowered, the net forms a square, and when raised, it sags to a centered pocket. The bamboo scoop is essentially a triangular bamboo basket with a solid bottom and a handle. The fish carrying basket has four feet and a carrying strap, as well as the down-and-in bamboo prongs that prevent escape. The largest trap is shaped like two cones joined at their widest points. The most common trap is a tapered sleeve with an entry ramp, while the last is bottle-shaped with the trap entry just above the base.
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