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Wing Luke Museum
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Niddy Noddy - Artifacts

Lahu wooden Niddy-Noddy with red yarn. (a) Central shaft is roughly-rounded hardwood, 3.5" circ. reduced to 1.75" circ. on 4 in. of each end. There are red letter "A"'s on each end. Over each end is fitted a pair of bowed arms, drilled at their centers to fit the shaft. Each bow tapers from ~1.25" (center) to 0.75" (end), which is carved to form a dovetail. A string connects the necks of both dovetails so that the bows and strings, when extended properly, form a box-shaped hollow. Red cotton yarn is wound around the string-form box. The box-shape is mounted on a frame composed of parts (b)-(f) below. (b) Right side of wooden vert. brace 23" tall with notched bottom which fits into hole in bottom of (d). There are peg holes in the bottom notch, but the pegs are missing. The upper end has a rectangular cut onto which the center shaft of (a) rests. There is a red "A" under the cutout and an "R" near the lower joint. (c) Left side vert. brace, identical to (b) except with the letter "L". (d) 26" wooden base piece with places marked "L", "R", and "M". (e) 1.25" wooden peg which fits into hole "M" on piece (d). (f) 30.5" wooden base piece, notched to fit at a right angle to the center of (d). There is an "M" marked on the notched end.
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