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Wing Luke Museum
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Spindle - Artifacts

The wooden spindle rack is essentially rectangular with a butterfly-shaped handle at the center of one lengthwise frame member. At the point where the handle is mounted, a cross-piece slat adds reinforcement. Lengthwise on the frame, holes are driled every 4.5" to accomodate bamboo shafts or spindle rods, approximately 13.5" long. Each rod is thicker at one end, so it can't pass completely through the hole in the frame. Thread is wound around a spindle, which is a hollow bamboo tube. This spindle slips over the rod, thus being held within the frame, while free to rotate. There are holes for ten spindle rods, but only nine exist. Three spindles are wound with purple thread, two with red, one with no thread. Three rods are empty. (a) Spindle Rack, 17.5" x 48" (b)-(j) Spindle rods, (b) and (i) have bent handles, (j) is in two pieces with broken handle (k)-(m) Spindles with purple cotton thread (n)-(o) Spindles with red cotton thread (o) Empty Spindle
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