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Fan - Artifacts

Image Fan
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This is a round Chinese fan with black lacquer frame and a silk embroidered face. It is embroidered on off-white silk fabric. The embroidery consists of a rooster in yellows with blue and black plumes, and a butterfly with pink and light green wings and purple body. Pink, yellow, light green, and light purple plum blossoms are on the left side, and light green, light purple, and pink flowers are on the right. Both flower groups are shown with leaves and grasses. There are embroidered "X"'s and star shapes at the bottom. The handle and circular frame of the fan is wood, and painted with black lacquer. The handle has four oblong carved holes in it, and there is a rope threaded through the bottom of the handle. The condition is good. The silk fabric has some very small holes and some of the embroidery thread is frayed.
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