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Wing Luke Museum
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Hat - Artifacts

Lavender silk brocade pillbox style hat with large pearl, mirrors set in brass, rosette, stuffed butterflies, pompoms, and tassels. Around side of hat is a wide maroon satin band with narrow white/pink binding at top edge with narrow pink/white/blue tape around bottom. Machine emb. blue/green/magenta band around bottom is bound with narrow black silk band. Large pearl, front, with 3 small round mirrors set in brass on each side. Dangling from each side by red thread is a mirror in brass inset with gilt thread design from which hands a green/pink tassel of fine silk thread. Above each tassel on maroon band are green/yellow/pink rosettes. Front of maroon band has a butterfly body and a stuffed piece of black silk with 3 mirrors (2 missing). Each side has a butterfly. Above is a circular pleated piece with embroidered pattern, a mirror in center, and 8 smaller mirrors around edge. Behind on a wire is a large pink pompom flanked by 2 smaller green pompoms. Narrow band has gilt emb. of Chinese symbols and 11 mirrors. Above maroon band are 1 circular and 1 hexagonal mirror on each side. Lavender silk brocade on top pleated in toward center. Also pleated around small hole in center is blue/green brocade circle with lavender, black, white, and light green embroidery.
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