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Wing Luke Museum
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Hat - Artifacts

Maroon silk brocade pillbox hat with mirrors, black satin stuffed butterfly, gilt embroidered dragons, rosettes, pompoms, and gilt wire flowers. Maroon silk brocade on top pleated toward center. Also pleated around small hole in center is a bluegreen brocade circle with embroidery. Around side of hat is a wide black satin band with narrow yellow/pink binding. Below is pink floral emb. ribbon on black with 6 small mirrors set in brass. Bottom binding of hat is black silk satin. In center of wide band is elaborated black satin stuffed butterfly. At top center is pleated pink/purple/bluegreen/white fabric with mirror set in brass in middle, and 8 more around it. On each side of butterfly are gilt thread emb. dragons with 5 mirrors. On each side are protruding yellow/pink silk rosettes. Dangling by red thread under rosettes are gilt wires in a purple flower design. Below is a large grey bead with gilt looped thread above and below with pink/yellow/green tassel. Across back are 4 large flower-shaped metal bosses with Chinese character in center. Above wide band are 3 round and 4 hexagonal mirrors set in brass. On proper left side are pink/yellow/green double pompoms, large pink pompom, double multi-color and yellow and single green. On proper right is green/yellow/ pink single pompom, and one yellow pompom.
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