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Shoes - Artifacts

Image Shoes
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One pair woven straw sandals. The upper part is woven of single stalks of straw woven in a manner that crosses over in the middle of the sandal. The sides and sole are woven of straw that has been twisted into a form of cord. On the sole, under the heel and the ball of the foot, strips of leather, about 1/8" thick, 1/4" wide, and 2.5-3.5" long, have been woven into the sole, crosswise to enhance the wearing life of the sandals. At the heel the sole cords are wrapped in a circular cone-like shape rising about 2.5" up the back of the foot. It is split in two parts at the top. From each of these parts, a fibrous cord extends about 3" and passes through three twisted straw loops that extend from the side binding of the soles. This fibrous cord serves as part of a lacing system to fasten the sandals to the foot. At the toe, a triangular piece of leather is threaded through the tip of the sandal. A length of the fibrous cord is looped through a hole in the piece of leather and is laced through four twisted cotton cords that extend from each side of the ball of the sandal. The cotton cords are colored in four contrasting colors. The fibrous cord forms part of the sandal laces.
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