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Shawl - Artifacts

Image Shawl
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Long rectangular natural color cotton textile with red and black woven patterns of supplementary weft called a pha chet. The design consists of rows of various designs, with each row separated by narrow red and black lines. the first row consists of ared zig zag design, The second row consists of black sticks topped by a circle. The third row consists of red horse designs. The fouth row consists of black bird designs. The fifth row consists of a red and black design resembling temples. The sixth row consists of a black geometric and curry design. The seventh row consists of a red curved design. The middle section consists of a large pimk center wth yellow borders. The rows repeat on the other side of the center. There is self fringe on each end. This textile is used for dress on ceremonial occasions such as going to the temple, by men. The textile is folded in two or three length-wise and then it is draped across the shoulder. See " Lan Na Textiles" by Yuan Lue Lao, pg 78. Condition is good although there is some running of red color on one end.
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