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Wing Luke Museum
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Skirt - Artifacts

Wrap around knee length pleated skirt divided into 3 panels with ties. The top of the skirt and ties are a natural cotton. The waist band is 4 cm wide. Below this bands is 7.5 cm. of natural cotton pleats held with a decorative stitch. Middle section is an indigo batiked pattern. Appliqued to the batik are hot pink and lime green nylon fabric pieces that are horizontally striped with middle panels of batik exposed diamonds. The lower third of the skirt measures 26.5 cm with hot pink and lime green stripes and pieces are appliqued to form diamond shapes with magenta, pink and white cross stitch filling. The skirt sides are of unembellished indigo cotton. Blue Hmong tribe are the only Hill Tribe skilled in batiking. Skirt is worn with black cotton jackets. Women wear an apron over front of skirt. Damage: soiled waist band and ties.
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