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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

a. Warrior: Orange patterned brocade jacket and pants. 1/2 black mustache. Gosho (oyster shell mixture) head and hands, painted. White cord around wrists. Furry foot covering. Quiver of arrows on back, sword on cord. Armor is panels of lacquer, metal and laced fabric in orange, brown and white. White silk twisted cloth around his waist. Shoulder armor tied across back with orange fringed cord tied with gold cord. b. Horse: white with grey dot, white mane and tail, orange halter with gold cord and medallion of white cord. Orange fringed tassles. Lacquer saddle with gold flowers, blue & white cord, leather underpiece, leather panniers c. Helmet: Black lacquer with gold medallion and horns, orange lacing, back has metal medallion with orange cord. d. Panniers: on both sides with patterned brocade in rust, yellow, black and white. e. 2 black lacquer stirrups with gold flower design, hung on leather strap with Asano crest design. f. Sword which goes in scabbard. Metal with hilt of patterned gold metal. Handle wrapped with purple cord. g. Short sword in metal scabbard attached under left arm. h. Lance with long wooden handle. Decorated gold and black.
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