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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

a. Japanese Boy's Day doll of a samurai wearing traditional Japanese armor. Head of gosho with hair upswept by tied white cords. Under armor is blk and gold brocade fabric jacket & trousers. Lower legs covered with purple & gold brocade fabric. Lacquered shin guards fastened to legs by B/W braided cords wrapped around legs at the ankles & below the knees. Brown & gold tabi on feet Sandals fastened to feet & ankles by wht cords. Chest, back, front & back legs protected by overlapping small lacquered plates bound together w/braided cords In front, the plates are fastened to metal breast plate. Orange braided cords fasten his jacket of the wrists. Around the waist is a sash of wht silk the end of which is twisted & tucked into the top of the sash. The hands are also made of gosho, painted brown, & have spots of grey & dk. blue. b. carries a baby, small doll's head wrapped in orange silk brocade fabric tied in middle w/ B/W braided cord. c. carries a curved sword (L:5-1/8") w/handle (L:1-5/8") wrapped w/green thread w/ gilded hilt d. sword is in a scabbard (L:4-1/4") which has a binding of green thread (L:1-1/2") over which are two metal fasteners by which the sword is suspended on a cord over the shoulder.
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