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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

a. Chinese doll head made of a clay compound painted a pinkish complexion. The features are molded into the head then painted. Painted-on eyebrows. Head mounted on a wire which extends 1-7/8" below the neck. Male. Painted blk hair or a shell cap over which fits a hat made of painted paper-mache. At nape of neck are two characters (Wen Ho) probably the manufacturers name. b. Hat (H:1-1/2") w/rounded front portion from which rises a back rounded peak They are painted blue. Front of the lower & back sections both have floral motifs in bas relief painted gold to resemble metal ornamentation w/underlying patches of fabric, green & magenta. There are also simulated metal strapping running from the side up over the crown of the hat & also from the sides over the junction of the lower & higher sections of the hat. At the rear of the hat two paddle-like elements are fastened by wire. They extend out ea. side of hat broad surface forward. Front surface has a gold painted relief pattern w/ a central green painted are. The back of the paddle shaped pieces is painted red Made for export, popular in England
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