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Wing Luke Museum
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Painting - Artifacts

Image Painting
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Scroll Painting, silk on paper, linen, scroll mounted. Long narrow rod on top & heavier round rod on bottom with one knob missing on the left side. Depicts a man wearing the crane insignia on the chest of his robe indicating he is a 1st rank civil official (about 1700). His outerrobe is predominantly blue in color. His three companions are women (or eunuchs?), one seated to his right and two seated to his left, he is also seated. Companions are identically dressed in robes depicting a dragon. Colors are light blue, brown, dark green, rust, red and white. All four are seated on tiger skin robes showing clawed feet & tails. All four are wearing similar hats of brown & red with a finnial in the middle, the very top is red. The 3 women also have identical blk bands at the base of the hat w/ a white floral design. They are seated on a stage. The background color is gold and the upper part of the stage is a folded fabric of green & red, with a design of octagons and squares (green & gold). Depicting mid-18th c. official? See Chinese Dress, by Verity Wilson for costume (41-42)
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