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Wing Luke Museum
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Lantern - Artifacts

Blk painted wood carved candle lantern with green painted silk panels. Two pieces, the top (a) contains the silk panels and (b) is the base pedestal. The candle would sit on the base (b) and shine through the painted silk panels (a) (a) The candle lantern is eight sided w/four sides measuring 3-1/2" (9 cm) and four measuring 1-3/4" (4-1/2" cm). The lantern's shape is defined by black painted wood carved fretwork on the top aorund hte silk midsection & around the base of this piece. This piece has an open top nad bottom w/4 small hooks at the top. There is green silk behind all hte fretwork. The 4 largest panels ea. have a landscape scene painted on them. These panels are set inside an outer framewrok with slender vertical columns. (b) The base piece is comprised of three sections 1. The flat top piece is constructed to hold (a). There is a small hole in the center of this section where the candle may rest. 2. A carved spindle set into a base 3. The base consists of two layers of fretwork the bottom of which flares out & sits on small feet.
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