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Set, flatware - Artifacts

Image Set, flatware
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Eating kit made of wood holding two chopsticks and a knife. The kit (a) is 9" long and has a 1-11/16" metal band that has a template for one knife and 3 chopsticks. We have only 2 of the 3 chopsticks. On the back of the brass band is a ring enabling the user to attach this kit to a belt. The kit is divided into 3 parts separated by metal horizontal bands. Ea. section has 3 ivory inlay carvings 6/10 cm x 1-3/10 cm going down the front. The third inlay from the top is missing. The knife (b) is 11-1/8" long. The knife handle is made of wood and is 5" long The top of the knife has a metal fitting with bats engraved on it. The blade is 6" long made of steel and grooved. The two chopsticks (c) & (d) are 9-5/8" long made of bone. Each one has a carved top notch 5/8" long. DAMAGE: Knife is in poor shape; Right rear edge vener of kit is coming off. Inside knife holder has active corrosion.
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