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Wing Luke Museum
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Robe - Artifacts

Full length robe probably made for tourist trade or export. Fold over front w/ ties under rt. armpit, side slits on both sides from bottom to 4" below armpit Royal blue silk satin w/large embroidered design. On front & back panels main motif is a monkey in a tree plucking fruit. A small container is suspended from a tree branch under the monkey. Same design embroidered on each sleeve. There is a border motif of the Greek key pattern alternating w/dragons. In the center bottom of the front & back panel borders is a flaming pearl. The embro- idery is wht silk w/gold thread outlines, green colored veins in the leaves. The monkeys are brown w/pink faces & under tails w/lt. blue chests, grey hands & feet. The lining is pink silk satin. Lining of back panel has blk peonies, stems & leaves embroidered. Lining of the front panel has a 26" high embroid- ered lady carrying an open parasol that has a purple handle, blk cover w/gold thread design & lt. blue lining w/overlapping blue hexazgonal patterns w/yellw asterisk-like under pattern. Lady is wearing bright blue kimono w/floral motif w/a rust, purple, & wht obi. She carries a folded fan in rt. hand & wears geta w/ blue toe thongs. A separate side panel down the rt. has pink lining w/black embroidered peonies & leaves. Neck has wht silk border 4-3/4" wide w/lt blue trim & blk embroidered floral patterns outlined w/gold thread. Inside neck has W: 4-1/2" band of offwht silk w/narrow yellow tape on inner edge & blk embroid
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