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Kimono - Artifacts

Image Kimono
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Taisho Period (1912-26) married woman's kimono-kosode style. Machine woven silk, kasuri patterning (ikat). For winter use. Predominantly black, blue, and grey. Pattern is large and is of parts of a water wheel and splashing water. Wheel is blue, water is gray and brown, background is black. Some white bast- ing threads are left on sleeves. Lining of bottom 18", inside of cuffs, and inside edges of front opening from kimono bottom to just above collar bottom is chartreuse silk. Remaining lining is white silk. DAMAGE: extensive minor damage. Bottom 11" of kimono are stained with chartreuse, probably the result of the lining bleeding through. Proper right back has white horizontal staining. Proper left back near center seam has 4 small holes in a square patter. Lining is also stained and worn. Overall garment has occassional stains, holes, or worn spots. NOTE: When displayed or loaned, must state that it was donated in honor of the Directorship of Kit Freudenberg 1983-1991
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