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Doll - Artifacts

Young girl & baby doll. This doll is 10-1/2" (26-1/2 cm) tall and the body is 1-1/2" (4 cm) in diameter, the head is 8" (20 cm) in circumference. Body made of straw and the head is soft probably stuffed with fabric. The doll has no arms. Wearing a short multi-colored cotton kimono jacket w/traditional Jpnese designs. It is also wearing a red and black design skirt. Head is attached by a very narrow neck and made of white silk. The eyes, eyebrows, and mouth are painted on. There is a stain on the face. The doll has a red scarf that covers the back half of the head. Some ravelled fabric comes from under the scarf for the doll's hair. The baby's head w/a scarf comes out of the kimono at the neck Possibly a Komori doll: young girl who is 12-16 yrs old & hired to take care of babies. Many of the girls have babies tied to their backs all day and sing songs to them. This custom comes from the belief that the baby's soul is young and can be easily frightened so he must be kept close to the body. Sakura Dolls of Japan Their Stories, Appreciation, and Creations, Abston, Martha Sue, and Uchiok Yoshiko. Japan Publications Trading Company, Rutland, Vermont, Tokyo Japan, 1963. p. 32
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