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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll representing Emperor Jimmu (Tenno) A: Standing figure with head molded from wood paste and tinted gofun; inset glass eyes; heavy eyebrows, long black beard with long black tufts coming from above mouth and long black hair made of black natural fiber, black painted hairline. The figure is standing with feet apart, right foot forward and left foot back. Arms are slightly raised, left arms higher; hands are painted and index fingers are pointed away from other fingers. He wears a robe which has a round neck, bound edges, two flat, stiff strips of border fabric hang down where the robe overlaps in front which consists of a center panel, made of brown, white and black rayon? brocade in a shishi (lion) pattern within medallions and wavy lines. Robe bulges at the front over the stomach. There is a wide border around bottom of robe and sleeves in a blue, green, orange, white and brown brocade cloud design and this material hangs down the front in two ties. Sleeves are long and lined with bright blue fabric. Underrobe white damask weave sleeves lined with paper like fabric. Four white collars show at neck. . There is a cherry red woven silk cord around waist tied under flap of robe in a triple-tied knot with tassels on ends. Black lacquered wooden boots with flat soles. Hole in bottom of shoes indicates he would be pegged to a platform. B: Necklace (one of 3 treasurers of the Emperor) Wooden cylinders painted white, orange painted balls, five white painted tooth shapes (magatama) strung on string hanging in front in three places are three yellow odd wooden shapes. C: Gold painted wooden sword, L: 7" . Jomon style rope pattern carving along top of scabbard and handle. The guard angles down rather than up as is usual and has a three circle design on it. D: Six arrows in gold painted cardboard container. (6 5/8" ) arrows are like bamboo skewers with two twinings of blue green thread with 1 more twining farther down. Condition: mirror is missing, hair is falling (piece in plastic bag), crack at ankle of left boot.
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