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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll possibly depicting Nobunaga A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun; inset glass eyes. Open downturned mouth with painted red lips and teeth. Discoloration on chin and paint chipped under chin. Hair of silk thread brushed up to top back of head, tied in a tuft with a thin white cord wrapped repeatedly around the hair. Painted black hairline on back of neck and on forehead. Shaped ears with small hole. B: Body of figure is seated (no stool) with arms curved in over knees. Clothing: He wears body armour of metal with chest and back plates with decorative patterns of green, purple, gold and white lacing. On the chest plate are two bosses of floral patterns from which rings are suspended. Above these are two chrysanthemum pattern bosses which support black and white laces. The laces are fastened to a yoke of red and gold brocade which suspends the back plate. In the center of the back plate is an embossed rectangular metal fitting from which hangs a metal ring. Over each shoulder, fastened by red braided silk cord are sets of shoulder armour. At the top of each set is a curved simulated metal plate , the back of which is painted dark brown on which are many small tomoe commas in tan. The outer face of the plate is decorated with a straw raincoat pattern (?) surrounded by a decorative grid, below which are five metal armour plates joined by gold and beige laces. Around the waist is a padded sash of purple brocade silk with patterns of fans and other objects. The sash is tied in front on a square knot. Below the knot hang four metal armour plates tied together with beige and gold laces. Suspended from the waist, covering the tops of the thighs and knees are two gold colored tooth shaped armour plates, possibly made of papier mache, with a stamped fish scale pattern. These plates are backed with beige silk damask with peacock feather patterns. Around the edges of the plates is a fringe of animal fur. Also suspended from the waist are more sets of armour plate one over each hip and two in the back, consisting of four metal plates linked by gold and beige laces. He wears hakama pants of beige silk broade with gold floral patterns. Hakama tied around ankles with black and white braided lace tied around wrists with braided purple cord. The sleeves are of the same fabric and cuffs are narrow bands of reddish gold semi-metallic fabric. At the neck three layers of underkimonos of off white silk can be seen. The feet are made of papier mache painted as black boots. Around the boot ankles are metal rings, gold colored, riveted in the back. The boots have leather soles which are fastened to the boots by nails. The hands are of carved wood painted beige. Condition: Chipped chin and the outer edge of the left foot boot has been abraded.
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