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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll representing Emperor Jimmu - Tenno (emperor) A: Separate Head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun. Painted features and inset glass eyes; hands are painted wood quite finely modeled with fingernails and joints. Feet are black painted wood like boots with gold strip around the ankle. Bottom of boots looks like natural leather with brass nails around sole. Black silk fiber hair parted in the center and pulled back divided on each side into two loops wound with hair. Long hair flows down his back. Long mustache on each side of upper lip which then flow down and mingles with short chin beard. Hair line is painted on front and sides and by mustache and beard . B: Body of seated figure with feet wide apart, elbows bent with fingers bent to hold sword and fan. Clothing: Doll wears a white on white damask Chinese robe with a stylized floral design with diamond shape flower and other flowers. His robe ties on the right front with a matching off-white silk cord. He has three under kimono visible at the neck in off white silk. The sleeves that come out from robe are gold wing pattern on off white brocade, tied at the wrist with purple cord and bordered with red and gold woven fabric. On top of the sleeves protruding from the robe are stylized armour plates of gold plastic with pattern of over lapping circles with plain flat borders and strip up the center. The same armour plates are covering his thighs. Under the armour plates is imitation white fur. Around his waist is an off-white silk sash tied in the front in a bow; ends have stiff gold cord tassel. Pants are gathered around top of boots, are in a white and gold brocade pattern called "tatewaki" flowing vertical lines enclosing a design. In this case the design is a chrysanthemum. At his back under the silk sash is a separate brocade floral patterned piece bound with the same fabric as binds sleeves. The colors are pink, green and white on a red background. It is lined with white paper and seems to be purely decorative. May be protective piece for arrow case. C: Sword: L: 10.625" - Gold metal handle end has a double chrysanthemum pattern, flattened around end of handle with ring in center; suspended by another ring is string of jewels, cord and white beads with the sacred jewel on the end of coma-shaped metal. Below are three small raised dots of metal one above another on each side. There is a metal band around and one large metal circle on each side; then another band above the sword hilt which is four petal shape. Below hilt is another band above the long blade. D: Scabbard: L: 8.5" - Gold metal flattened flower petal around end with tiny bead on end; one encircling band 2.625" up from bottom; 2 plain encircling bands near top with upright metal fitting with holes for metal rings through which a gold cord is passed which ties sword on to wearer's costume. At top are three incised lines encircling scabbard. E: Bench: W: 3.5" L: 7.175", H: 5.375". Red lacquer bench with four legs flared out at bottom; stretchers on four sides. Condition : Some chips, glass necklace and fan are missing, left shoe is scratched.
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