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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Samurai Warrior A: Head moulded from wood paste and dipped in gofun with painted features and glass insert eyes. Top of head shaved. Hair of black silk threads gathered at back of head and tied in a tuft with numerous wrappings of white cotton cord. Painted hair along the temples and nape of the neck. Body: Not separate from head. Seated posture. (No stool). The outer jacket is of silk brocade, beige background with geometric patterns in gold thread in which are floral patterns in yellow, green and brown with a lining of off white damask with floral patterns. His under sleeves are of silk brocade, black background with gold thread floral patterns. The hakama is of purple cotton fabric with woven circular medallions of off white floral and vine patterns. It has a lining of white silk. At the bottom cuffs there is an edging of gold and red woven fabric. There is a breast plate of simulated metal, gold colored, with vertical ridges of simulated metal armour bound with purple laces. On the upper chest are two chrysanthemum shaped decorated bosses from which are suspended metal rings. At the top of the breast plate is a decorative collar embossed with a pattern of clouds, sun and moon. The back armour plate has decorative purple lacing and a large chrysanthemum shaped three layer boss from which hangs a metal ring. From the ring hangs a fancy knot of thick purple braided cord with white and purple tassels. From the sides of the knot are orange silk braided cords, one end of which is fastened to the shoulder armour plates. The other end is tied in a slip knot and ends in a fringed tassel. Around the neck and on the shoulders is a yoke of green felt - like material with geometric outlines of white thread and woven gold piping around the edges. The yolk fastens to the front and back plates by silver colored metal fasteners of chrysanthemum shape. From the left front of the yolk hangs a sandle shaped simulated metal guard, fastened with a tassled bow of faded off white and green braided cord. At the right front of the yoke hang three small sections of flexible armour with purple lacing fastened with a bow the samw as on the left side. On each shoulder is suspended sections of simualted armour plate with purple lacing. Along the sides the lacing is of white, purple and turquoise lacing. At the bottom of the plates are metal decorations with the sun and moon. The arms and the back of the hands have metal armour plates tied to the wrists by white braided cord. Around the waist is a sash of silk brocade, green background with purple and gold floral patterns. In the front it is padded and tied in a large overhand knot. Hanging from the waist in the back are sets of four plates each of simlated flexible armour connected and decorated with purple laces except on the sides the laces are white, purple and turquoise. At the bottom of each set is a metal plate with decorations of the sun and moon. Hanging from the waist in the front are two plain large simulated metal gold colored plates connected with green lacing except around the edges are white, purple and turquoise. At the end of each set is a metal decoration with patterns of the sun, moon and clouds. The legs appear to be of cloth covered wood. The shins are covered with brown and gold silk brocade over which are simulated gold colored metal plates. The shoes are of a red and gold woven fabric with black panels and black imitation fur around the toes of the shoes. The are fastened to the instep and heels by purple braided cord run through rings fastened to chrysanthemum shaped fittings on the inner and outer sides of the feet. B & C: Large Sword and separate scabbard. B: Scabbard is 11" long. Curved shaped covered with imitation tiger skin with a black tuft of silk threads at the bottom end. At the upper end it has a metal band turquoise colored lace wrapping and two embossed metal fittings with vine pattens, through which a purple braided cord is run to fasten the sword to the waist. C: Sword, 9.5" long, plain metal blade 5.25" long. The handle has an imitation shark skin wrapping over which is a metal fitting at the end connected to an opening through which turquoise colored lace is threaded and then wrapped in a decorative pattern around the handle. There is a plain metal band around the handle above the hilt. The hilt is a metal irregular pattern with vine and leaf patterns embossed on its upper face. D: Scabbard for Short Sword.. 5" Long. Made of wood painted brown with black painted bands at the top and bottom. A wooden fitting is on the side through which a cord might be run to fasten the sword to the body. E: Short Sword. 5.5" long. It has a plain metal blade with a handle of shark skin with a metal band around the bottom of the handle and a metal cap at the end. On either side of the handle in the middle is a metal decoration in the shape of two rabbits on each side. F: Folding Fan. 4.25" long. Dark brown painted wooden frame with gold colored paper covering. the paper is worn and split along some of the folds and one side of the outer frame is broken off.
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