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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Empress Jingu Head molded from wood paste dipped in gofun. Painted features and eyes. Faint grey eyebrows to indicate upper class. Black painted hair growth area, lower lids and eyelashes and upper and lower teeth. Red painted lips and tongue. Black silk fiber hair, parted at center and hangs loosely at back. Brittle and falling off. Lost hair in plastic bag. Head is attached to body Seated position with both hands in front. Slightly bent elbows and right foot forward. Clothing: Outer robe of rust brocade with white light. Rust and olive with flowers - leaves motif. Facing front, paper mache chest armour suspended by green silk shoulder straps with braided gold silk and black - white silk braid in the outermost of the straps. Two layers of shoulder pads with blue - black, white silk edge and brown top pad. Second pad is dark brown with white, black and green silk braid. Below the pads four layered shoulder epaulettes on both shoulders laced with red silk cord with yellow painted embossed wave designed panel at the bottom of each armour. The armour and panels are made of paper mache and painted in bronze. Top of the chest armour, metal looking decorative panel same as shoulder armour is on top portion and three metal bands wrap around the chest armour. Red cord is laced between the bands On top of the botton band the imperial sixteen petal metal mum is fastened to the armour and sits on top of the purple crepe belt tied in a knot in the front. At the end of the shoulder straps cherry blossom bosses at both front end which attach three tiered red cord laced paper mache painted in bronze on her right and her left tongue shaped paper mache shield painted red in gold on the rough surface and one white silk tassel and four looped decorative cord called kumihimo is tied to the boss. From her waist down she wears hakama of roughly woven beige cotton with weft in blue, chartreuse, brown, salmon, mocha paper weft in geometric and floral motif. The bottom hems are padded with cotton in lay and edged with purple silk crepe. Her shoes are wood painted in black and covered in black cloth which is deteriorated. The green silk cords trimmed pads made from the same material as hakama cover the upper parts of the shoes. Around the collar three layers of off white silk collars are under the robe. The sleeve edges are decorated by narrow purple piping and a hint of a garment beneath the outer robe which is attached to the sleeve edges. The fabric is roughly woven beige fiber with navy blue. mocha, orange, green and blue paper weft floral motif. The sleeves are lined with brick red silk damask beneath the outer robe sleeves, white, short lined paper sleeves are seen. From the rear view the chest armour is solid with five vertical lines, two silver metal round smooth nailheads are fastened to the body at the upper sides. .875" from the top center a gold metal boss with a ringis fastened. A green fiber cord is tied to the ring and four X marked red silk cord is laced around th egold metal boss. Under the flat purple silk crepe obi two four tier red silk cord laced paper mache armours with gold metal decorative fitting mount stamped of cloud and wave design. The armours are painted in the same manner as described above. Her wooden black painted shoes have cloth flaps of same fabric as her hakama piped with green cord. The wooden black shoes were covered with black fiber but the remnant remins only on right right which has groove on the sole. Condition: Hair is falling out and clothes are faded and soiled.
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