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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll representing Takenouchi no-Sokoune with Ojin A: Separate head moulded from wood paste and dipped in gofun. Painted features and eyes. Finely molded hands, same color as face. Feet also are gofun and are white. Hair, eyebrows and beard are discolored white fur like material. His hair is discolored white and pulled up in topknot. wound with purple cord and tied in a bow. The top knot is pulled forward and end of hair flares above forehead. B: Body: sitting figure with left foot flat on ground. Right leg to the side, right foot is in front with sole upward. Elbows bent with hands in front . Overrobe is silk brocade with dark green background and gold floral pattern, round neck with overlap and very wide sleeves. Through ends of sleeves is dirty off-white thread (sodo-kukuri, long stitch and short stitch), tied at ends. He has three white silk under-collars seen at neck. Under sleeves are white silk with gold silk lining. His hakama are purple satin silk, lined with paper (bottom is worn). He has a gold silk brocade obi around waist with gourd pattern. C: Baby, L: 3", is held in his right arm. Baby appears to be made of carved wood with face dipped in gofun, very white color with painted features. He holds a baby in gold silk damask. Only the baby's face is visible. Condition: some soiling.
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