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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Takenouchi-No-Sukune A: Separate Head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder) tinted pink; painted features and inset glass eyes; wrinkles around the forehead and cheeks; long moustaches made of white silk fiber at 2 corners of upper lip and long beard on chin. White silk fiber hair is pulled tight together on top and tied with a purple silk twisted cord. B: Body is in a kneeling posture with one knee on the ground and the other bent with foot on the ground; right elbow bent holding a curved long sword in hand, left hand extends downward at side. The hands are molded wood paste and dipped in gofun, fingers curved. The figure wears a kimono of tan and gold silk brocade in floral pattern; wide sleeves are lined with off-white silk damask. Three underrobes are visible around the neck. Papier mache shoulder armour has 4 layers threaded with teal silk cord (teal and red at the edges), 2 layer epaulets have a top layer made of off-white silk and gold brocade in floral pattern, piped by white and black chevron patterned cord and the lower layers is larger in purple silk woven in a distinctive raised ridge style in diamond shape. The chest and back papier mache armour panels are suspended by the tan colored cotton corduroy straps piped by cream and tan diamond pattern edging. Two metal bosses decorate the front ends of the straps; a teal cord is threaded through black papier mache breastplate; gold colored upper panel, black back armour with upper panel with tortoise shell design with four X marks in teal cord; 2 chrysanthemum shaped bosses are attached at upper corners. Three panels of apron armour in front and two back panels called "Hitatare" are made of papier mache in the same color and design as in the shoulder armour. Below the armour the figure wears off-white silk hakama. The feet are wood covered by 2 different silk brocades, one in blue with geometric design in gold, the other in smokey brick color with dark gray brocade in a floral pattern; synthetic black threads adorn the top of the footwear. The back of the hands are protected by purple silk brocade pads with gold circular patterns. Undergarment sleeves of tan silk are tied at at the wrists with blue cords; silk white damask padded belt is knotted in front. C: Sword, L: 6.25", W: .5", slightly curved, handle is made of wood covered by plastic giving the appearance of inlaid shell; a copper band is wrapped at the lower end of the hand; top of the handle is covered with purple and gold brocade (same fabric as hand protectors); both sides of the handle have siler colored molded metal decorations of a plum blossom and bud. D: Scabbard for sword is made of wood, painted in brown, black bands are painted at top and bottom ends, a peg is glued to the scabbard and painted black. Condition: The hakama is soiled. The figure should be displayed with a baby in a cradle and an eboshi hat.
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