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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Takenouchi-no-Sukune A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder). Set in glass eyes in a smiling shape, raised cheekbones, mouth partially open showing black painted teeth; crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and corners of the mouth; red painted lips, faint peach color is used to emphasize the contour of the facial features. White fiber hair tied in a pony tail with tan colour thread, wrapped with paper; long white beard; his eyebrows and moustache are gone but four holes remain. Face is cracked at right cheek, ear, forehead and left chin. B: Body of figure in a sitting position with arms straight down, loose; right hand closed, left hand open, knees spread. He wears an outer kimono of dark blue and gold silk with supplementary weft design of dragon and phoenix in gold, blue and green on a brocade background of swastikas; off-white and green silk epaulets on shoulders; 2 layers of underrobes are seen at sleeve ends and collar. On top is papier mache body armour painted with black enamel in back; front upper half is painted with black enamel adorned with wide embossed metal with vine design at top edge; lower half is covered with reddish brown silk; bronze colored paper cut in geometric chain bands pasted on fabric; round metal medallion of embossed dragon design attached at center of the silk covered armor; 2 cardboard 5-panel armour hangs from top corners of back armour by matching brown painted thread; each panel is covered with brown silk and 2 X marks of double strands of green silk thread are loosely sewn and joined each panel; lower edge of bottom panel has metal band; forearms are covered by guards made of papier mache painted in black, white and beige by sponge; papier mache hand guards painted in gold sit on top of the black stiff cloth guards; they are attached to brown silk padded wristbands and tied in knots. He wears horizontal gray and black striped silk hakama tucked inside the long papier mache black boots; 4 metal strips painted in brown enamel cover the front of the boot, silk brown paper band tied in a knot wraps around the ankles. Three 4 - panel armor hangs from the waist like an apron over hakama front; each bottom panel is adorned with vine design embossed metal at the lower edge; only center panel has purple and gold brocade applique beneath the metal strip; pink silk belt at waist with ends tied in back; green silk belt is padded only and front and ends are tied in knot at front. C: Left 5- panel shoulder armour is loose. Metal ornament pasted at bottom edge is gone. Condition: Hairline cracks on face. Both thumbs broken off. Left foot is loose.
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