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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Fukurokujo, the wise god of the 7 lucky gods. A: Figure is erect with a large head with elongated forehead dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), flesh tone, darker pink around eye corners, nostrils and chin; inset glass eyes with black painted eyelashes, a partially open mouth with painted red lips and painted white teeth; white silk fiber beard, double moustache and eyebrows; large high wrinkled forehead representing infinite wisdom, large cheeks; body may be stuffed with straw. Wears red and gold brocade kooto (coat) with dragon, cloud and floral design, folded across chest with a stand up band at neck; at bottom, which ends at thighs, is a band which is shaped at the front. At sleeve openings are 3 layers of underrobes, next to kimono is red and silver brocade in geometric motif and medallion with "Fuku" lucky character, next is beige and tan brocade in a floral and geometric design, innermost one is red, white, gold and pink plaid; all are lined with red silk. Across his chest, over the large stomach (symbol of endowment), is an off-white paper and cotton band bound with gold paper thread in "kine" design (X shapes). Hakama made of beige cotton with paper weft in "mokko" design of diamonds, gathered at the ankles and stuffed with straw. Obi belt made of same material as hakama is tied in front and shows red lining at the end of the bow. Molded wood paste shoes are painted black (Heian period slip-on style); chipped off. Hands, made of wood paste dipped in gofun, are peeling; right thumb is broken. B: Walking stick, L: 21.5", D: .375", natural wood branch, light weight, debarked and sanded. This is a symbol of God of Wisdom to show old age (like a tree).
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