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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Fukurokujo, God of Wisdom, one of seven lucky gods A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder). H: 7", W: 4", D: 4". Four grooves in forehead between the eyes, deep wrinkles under eyes, around mouth and on cheeks; tall forehead and long earlobes, painted features. Very long white fiber eyebrows, left brow has one tuft of hair left, white stubble left on each upper lip and chin where his moustache and beard was. B: Body of standing figure has wood hands dipped in gofun; each long, thin finger formed separately and curved to a different degree. The clothing consists of a yellow ochre robe of silk woven with paper (Kamiko) forming a pattern called Manji Tsunagi or Buddhist cross and Aoi Kazura or hollyhock. This pattern ends at the bottom of the sleeves where there are four stripes, two bold ones sandwiching two narrow ones on plain satin; the long kimono sleeves are open on the wrist side. Inner robe sleeves of dark brown silk damask and cream colored silk damask. Front kimono panel is lined with dark brown damask. Peach silk satin collar continued down front, wraps around middle and is tied by an orange kamiko obi; below is a tie of white damask. Collars of orange damask, white silk satin and two of white silk damask. The motifs are miniature, indicating this fabric is specially woven for doll making. Green silk satin pants are gathered at the ankles. Piece of paper twine wrapped around his waist and tied at the back. Clothing is stuffed with paper and wood chips. Clog-like shoes are dipped in gofun and painted green. Feet attached to a black lacquered wooden base with glue and wooden spike. Base has carved out sides and is hollow inside. C & D: 2 white damask straps which were part of the tie have fallen off. C: 4", D: 4.5" Condition: right finger chipped, lower back robe edges have been chewed, shaved wood stuffing exposed at left sleeve opening; left eyebrow is mostly gone, beard is gone exposing slot, upper right mouth chipped, only stubble of moustache left, small crack in right earlobe horizontal crack across base
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