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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Shoki A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), dark painted complexion, scowling face with open downturned mouth with white upper teeth, furrowed brow, black natural fiber bushy eyebrows and long beard; inset brown and black glass eyes, outlined in black. Headwear consists of a purple and brown cotton and paper brocade with Tortoise shell and Phoenix design, purple silk lining, flowing down over shoulders with two streamers; fore and back knots. Two small nails holding scarf on in back, one in back knot and 2 more in foreknot plus two smaller nails at temples. Wooden spike protrudes downward from neck and has two kanji characters written in black. B: Straw filled body in standing position with legs spread, right arm upright with hand curled to holdi a weapon, left arm pressing down with hand outstretched (missing thumb). Clothes consist of 5 layers of robes. Outer robe is cotton and paper brocade in a large swirling pattern (possibly of dragons) of olive green, tan, white and brown with red trim of white cotton and tan paper butterflies, red and tan flowers and purple motifs on sleeve edges and hem, lined with purple silk; robe extends up to the neck, large bulge over chest, panel in back hangs from waist in same fabric with red trim and a white silk band inside the trim; long sleeves folded at shoulders and there are three layers beneath: first layer is brown, red and tan cotton and paper brocade with large motifs and three pleated of red silk gauze with white windowpane stripes, purple silk gauze and white silk damask; next layer is tan and brown cotton and paper brocade with floral design and purple silk lining; next layer is tan cotton brocade with red gauze lining; last layer is green and brown cotton and paper brocade with stylized floral design and purple silk lining; two large teardrop shaped panels in front with same pleated bands as the sleeves. Cloth armour consists of a back plate held by a white silk damask sash, front breastplate with small floral pattern of red, green, gray on gold silk brocade and bordered by metallic gold thread, front orange, tan and brown silk brocade sash over breast is secured by nails at the sides. The pants (hakama) are faded purple cotton and brown paper floral brocade, tied at the ankles with green cord and stuffed. Leggings of brown and tan cotton and paper brocade are secured by small green twine wrapped around twice at the ankles. The feet are black lacquered wood with 3/4" wood spikes protruding from the soles to attached to display stand. Condition: Right hand chipped on top of index finger; left hand missing thumb; left foot missing paint on top and heel; severely faded cloth; purple silk frayed especially on creases; iron nails show rust; inside collars layers damaged. No accessories or stand.
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