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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Fukurokujo, God of Wisdom A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), mottled pinkish color, orange tint around eyes, nose, chin, lower lip and inside ears, some cracking; extended earlobes and three wrinkles carved into forehead. Gray silk fiber hair which is yellowing in exposed areas; beard stretching from each ear, and moustaches hanging from each side of upper lip; hairy eyebrows at an angle on either side of eyes. Hole in bottom of neck receive a spike protruding from the neck of the body. The head sits on the body at a tilt. B: Body of standing figure, right hand raised to chest level with index finger raised, left hand extended downward, hands curled as if to hold something. Right leg is straight large square peg to fit into a base, left leg bent at the knee with the foot raised in dancing position. Clothing consists of an outer robe of gold colored silk and paper kamiko damask in a pattern of small peonies encircled by vines and leaves; peonies alternate from the top or from the side. Above the waist the robe is wrapped and tied at the waist and below the robe splits into three parts. The part that would normally fall over the right leg has been folded so the leg is exposed. Kimono sleeves are square cut, medium length, tacked closed just under the wrists and supported by an interior wire and stuffing. Orange silk lining is deteriorating and orange paper beneath is exposed. Lower part of robe also has orange silk lining mostly intact on overlapping part, but exposed interior behind right leg has deteriorated revealing a white paper lining below the orange paper lining. Traces of paper and silk remains only where sewn along robe edges. Robe crosses over a full sized belly which hangs slightly over the belt. Two collars representing undergarments are made of white silk damask and stuffed. The upper collar below the robe collar has a Buddhist cross pattern and the innermost one has a leaf pattern. The back of the robe is in worse condition than the front where it has worn thin in areas and wire is exposed through cloth on both sleeves; padding has been crushed flat. Purple silk chirimen crepe obi has a pattern of green leave and tied in front where the silk has disintegrated. Dark blue silk damask pants with a large pattern of Paulownia (Kiri) and wisteria combined with Buddhist cross symbol; filled with stuffing. Feet are wood with ankles painted green and shoes which are flat with upturned toes, painted light green with a dark green vin pattern, sole in green gold and black. The toe has a pentagon in red outlined by pink and then white. Wooden pins protrude from the bottom of the right foot. Condition: Staining (water damage?) causing silk to be a slightly darker color on the dolls backside and widely throughout the rest of the outer robe. Missing walking stick and fan.
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