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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Takeda Theatre Doll representing Kato Kiyomasa A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), sharp pointed nose, painted features and eyes, high eyebrows, sharp pointed nose, downturned red mouth, protruding ear lobes. Human hair, one top tuft; side hair (now missing) would have been pulled back and tied at the sides; back hair is tied to stand straight up. Head has wooden spike to fit into body neck. B: Body stands twisted with one foot on a tree stump and the other outstretched on the heel. Left hand hold halberd, right hand outstretched. Clothing consists of a long vest with square cut side openings made of green and brown brocade; lined with light tan silk; dark brown collar with embroidered stars; long streamers on right side of thread wrapped with natural fiber. Main coat is made of very faded red silk, blue and natural colored bast fiber cuffs; right sleeve has elaborate embroidery of bleu and natural rope in a circular pattern; there appears to be a face with bushy eyebrow and painted eyes (possibly a tiger of Korea), thick collar of self fabric. Coat is held by bast fiber sash at waist and a broad muna-himo. Beneath is a shirt of green and brown brocade with a dark felt strip running straight down and on the strip are two olive green papier mache butterflies. Front leg protector of blue and beige with a pleated lining of silk hang down between the legs. Pants (hakama) of natural fiber are gathered at the ankles which are covered by wood and fiber shin guards tied with silk at the top of the foot. Feet are made of blue and black painted wood with large toe separate. Left leg is on a wood tree stump. The stump and the right heel are attached to a wood box shape stand which is painted black and held together by nails. On the front of the stand is the signature Takeda embroidered panel. Condition: faded, worn left cuff, missing embroidery on left side of vest collar, silk on back of left sleeve deteriorated, leg protector broken at bottom edge, some water damage at inside of vest back, worn right pant cuff, crack in paint of right foot (may have been painted over), warped stand.
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