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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Doll depicting Processional Dignitary Head which moves but does not separate from body is molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted features including black moustache, eyebrows and lashes, inset glass eyes, western features. Painted short black hair in western style. Body standing straight, arms out in relaxed posture. Clothes consist of red robe wrapped around over left arm, around body and trailing down in back with a panel-like train lined with dark purple silk, stamped gold flower motifs scattered and piece in back has dark blue silk lining. Underneath robe is black silk with stamped green diamond pattern, inside each diamond are alternating cranes and radish motifs, red silk band collar. Only visible on right arm is large ceremonial type sleeve with a red embroidered cuff, main part of sleeve is a off-white silk damask with printed designs of red and green floral and gold and blue diamonds with plant motifs inside. Visible on the back is a black belt around the waist with off-white three round and one square pieces tied on by beige cross threads, an extension of the belt arches up to support the outer robe. Below the belt is a purple fine silk cord tied in the back.Hakama are silk brocade with beige floral and geometric design, gathered into leggings. Around ankles are shin guards painted white with black spots, with red and green squares on each side bordered in red with gold design, tiny silk red bow on each. Shoes are painted wood, off-white with black diagonal stripe. Standing on a wooden platform covered with aqua green silk pasted underneath, royal blue decorative paper on the bottom. B: Helmet of papier mache with a long uswept piece in sides and back like a dragon tail, painted red, blue and yellowish green with gold, silver and white decoration, navy blue ocean wave design edged with white and silver; tack on both sides of the crown; long orangey red silk cord with tassels.. C: Fish Decoration, L: 3.25", W: .875", D: .25", painted wood silver and black carp with another painted red and gold fish in its mouth hangs around the neck from a blue silk cord. Condition: Hole in back of helmet and head to secure helmet, somewhat faded color, worn sleeve edges, fish has chipped paint
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