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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing standing attendant for a set with Yoshitsune or Jingu Figure with head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), pink complexion, round face depicting a low class person, painted black eyebrows slanting downward, black lower lashes, painted red lips held in a comical expression, some grayish coloration around mouth to represent unshaven, pug nose, inset glass eyes. Hands are carved wood dipped in white gofun. Black silk fiber hair pulled back in pony tail and wrapped with brown cotton thread at tge nape of the neck, shaven pate. Figure is standing with right foot turned out, right arm held up with curled fist and left arm at waist with fingers pointing out. Clothing consists of robe covering right arm made of blue silk brocade with gold and silver medallion tied at the wrist with red silk cord and pulled up on left arm, lined with white damask with diamond motif. On the left arm below this garment is a black velvet narrow sleeve. Left hand has metal hand guard. Black lacquered papier mache armour has a ribbed breastplate with metal decoration at top; two ridged bands of metal across top and bottom with yellow metal circle in middle of plate (snake eye mon); plain backplate; black and front plates are held by two brown and gray cotton and paper brocade shoulder straps with a cloud motif and attached with metal rivets at four corners; three panels in front and two in back and panels on shoulders made of black lacquered paper in four tiers laced with green cotton cords and white flat cords in X motif at bottom edges, above this are blue flat cords; red diamond shaped epaulets with suede paper finish with brown edging. Stuffed off white silk belt with peach colored embroidered flowers tied in a knot in the front. Hakama pants are made of silk mustard colored damask with a diamond shape motif, brocaded floral medallion faded to grayish brown on front thighs, stuffed and gathered at knee; at back the split sides are open the cloth is folded out. Shin guards has vertical metal straps over an off-white brocade with diamond motif; leggings on back are gray with lighter blue motif, tortoise shell motif with plants. Feet are carved wood with silk damask tabi of light blue; waraji straw sandals tied to feet around toes and ankles; chartreuse cotton cords. Condition: Hair is falling off, left shin guard is coming off, white tack in bottom of left sandal, shin cloth is worn, paint above right eye is coming off.
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