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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Court Noble in Kariginu attire. Standing figure with head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), large nose, shaped ears with holes, red painted lips, black painted upswept eyebrows, bottom eyelashes, hairline with widow's peak, black silk fiber hair pulled up into topknot tied with a purple silk cord (hair is disintegrating badly), inset glass eyes. Left arm raised up with open hand while right arm is lower with fingers closed. Clothing: Green paper and silk damask brocade outer robe with vine like designs and faded gold medallions, square neck at front with a band, short panels at front and back, front bulges out over belt (stuffed), large sleeves hanging down (doll has its arms through the bottom opening of sleeves so they hang backwards); robe is lined with dark purple silk (deteriorating inside); around the bottom of the sleeves is a gold cord threaded through the brocade. This robe is called Kariginu which was for hunting (hawking) and then later used by nobles. Brown woven paper and cotton obi tied in front with tan and gold cotton long tabs at ends hanging down front. Beneath this is a red silk and cotton brocade kimono with white and brown outlined peonies, purple magic wand and flowers, brown diamond pattern, green leaves, and large peach colored and brown outlined chrysanthemums; large padded sleeves; lined with white silk. Around neck are four collars (underkimono) of white paper which has been eaten by insects (possibly the paper was a stiffener for white silk collars). Kobakama pants of purple cotton and paper brocade with brown all-over floral pattern of leaves, vines and blossoms, padded legs, at the upper back the hakama is split at the sides and extends upward creating a wide flat area. Carved wood feet dipped in gofun which is white and has the appearance of tabi socks. Tall black lacquered geta have purple cords which tie across the feet. On the left foot is a piece of tan thread that runs through the toe and through a hole in the geta to hold the foot on (the right one is missing). Bamboo dowels run from each foot, through the geta and into a base which is made of flat octagonal wood stained dark brown. Condition: Insect holes at bottom of left sleeve, back of belt and collar. Tear in right kimono sleeve along fold. Hair has almost disappeared.
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