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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598) A: One piece doll seated in cross legged position with hand in front of body. The head is stuck to the body and is molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted red downturned mouth, painted black eyes and eyebrows. Bald pate with black silk satin piece shaped as hair around head. Hands and feet are carved wood dipped in gofun. Gold painted papier mache armour with metal embellishment, in tiers tied with red cord, made of breast and back plates, shoulder epaulets, 3 panels hanging from front waist and 2 at back. Edge of panels are decorated with cast metal and mirror pieces with interlocking circles and spreading leaves? on top of breast plate, and on each waist panels. Metal decoration of kiri mon family crest is attached to breastplate. Breast and back plates are suspended on black velvet bands edged with gray and fastened with gray nailhead over the shoulders. Beneath is a kimono of stiffened gauze weave (cotton)? in aqua background with black hexagonal medallions surrounding a floral design, lined with off-white silk damask, and dark purple at sleeve openings. Underneath are undergarments gatherered at wrist, one of gold and blue stripe with scattered floral design, and the other of navy blue double diamond shapes on faded gold color background. Undergarment showing at collar is in two layers in off-white satin. Hakama pants of silk and paper brocade in tan and gold ogee design with geometric and floral patterns interspersed. Papier mache handguards painted with gold. Hand and feet are carved wood dipped in gofun. B: Hat in Taiko style with eboshi style with wings projecting to side from front, crown and wings made of papier mache, inlaid with cast metal and mirror finished. Condition: soiled and faded, right thumb missing, chipped armour paint. Hideyoshi is often displayed with a gourd banner
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