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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Boy's Day Doll depicting Samurai attendant A: Separate head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), pink complexion, black painted eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache and beard shadow, bald pate with razor shadow, black painted hair on temples and nape of the neck, downturned mouth painted red with a thin black line, set-in glass dark brown eyes with black pupils. Dark human hair at back, black silk fiber hair upswept on sides into a top knot wrapped with white silk round cord. B: Body of figure is kneeling on left knee, right knee is bent with foot on ground, right arm up to hold weapon, left arm down on lap. Hands are probably carved wood covered with painted paper gloves in brown and rust to resemble leather; brown cloth covered paper hand guard in maroon and gold with the same edging as the epaulets, flat brown cord button on the back. Clothing consists of brown and gold paper and cotton brocade upper garment with diamond and dragon pattern showing at the sleeves and collar, sleeves are lined with white silk and tied at the wrist with a brown round cotton cord; epaulets on shoulders made of tan, brown and gold brocade, padded and edged with white and beige cotton piping. Three white silk under collars show around neck. Black lacquered paper armour in three tiers laced with wide green silk flat cord with white cord on the bottom row (some X shapes). Doomaru barrel shaped armour of black lacquered paper mache held by a single shoulder piece attached in the front and back by two metal bosses with rings; shoulder piece is a brown, gold, purple and green brocade with the same piping as the epaulets. The back plate has a large metal boss made of 3 pieces: brass and tin held together with a ring. Breast plate is laced with two rows of criss-crossed flat green silk cord. White silk damask sash with flower and crane motifs around the waist, tied in a double knot in the front and has padded ends. Armoured panels in front and back made of black lacquered paper card in four tiers laced with green flat silk cord with a lower row of white cord: three panels in front--one off to the right side, two in back. Kukuribakama pants in silk brocade in blue, red, light green in a tortoise shell/diamond grid with containing many motifs including cranes, lined with white silk damask (revealed at side slits), stiffened at back, gathered into shin guards. Shin guards are a single piece of blue and gold brocade with five vertical reed strips nailed into the guard, calves covered with white silk. Carved wooden feet are covered with washi paper colored black with tomoe (3 comma) medallions in rust color, big toe points up. Straw sandals tied around toes and ankles. C: Sword, L: 5.875", Brass, curved, metal double axe head shaped guard with asterisks on each side, black painted scabbard is wearing, handle textured like shark skin, ring at end of handle. Condition: Discolored left glass eye, gofun chipped off neck and at back of head at topknot. Similar to 1993.4.101
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