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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll representing Toyotomi Hideyoshi Figure sitting as if on a campstool, hands out in front, right hand closed as if holding an often, left hand open, left leg protrudes farther than right. Head molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted red lips, black outline, black eyebrows and eyelashes, inset glass eyes, perforated ear canals. Black silk fiber hair pulled into topknot and tied with tan cord. Painted black hairline. Clothing: Jimbaori, a warrior's sleeveless coat worn over armour, is embroidered with Chinese style dragons and clouds. Top of coat on back has pink and brown dragons, middle has green cloud and mountain design, coat tails have blue and brown dragons all on black background. Coat is outlined by tan thread and natural fiber cord. Across shoulders in the front are blue velvet strips with gold thread borders, pink brocade dots outlined by white thread. Coat is tied together by wide gold belt with metal clasp. Front coat lapels are covered by faded red cloth with gold embroidery. Lapel is topped with white silk tassels. Coat is lined with white silk brocade. Inside kimono is dark blue with gold embroidery with while silk brocade lining. Right sleeve is tied at wrist; left is open. On chest is armour decoration of metal crane around collar and metal plant motif at chest. Hands have guards of gold painted paper mache. Visible on left arm is also gold forearm armour. Around waist is purple silk sash. Hakama pants are tan thread with gold diamond design, lower down with green diamond pattern; then green and tan bird designs and then blue green salamander design. Shin armour over blue cloth tied with green cord. Shoes are fur covered (Tsura-nuki) worn with armour or for hunting. Condition: Some insect damage to blue felt. Hair is disintegrating badly. Most of fur has worn off shoes. Left eyelid is damaged, some clothing is soiled but kimono is in very good condition.
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