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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day Doll depicting Lower Class Samurai Figure is kneeling on right knee, left foot extending forward, left hand held forward near thigh, right arm raised with bent elbow to hold a weapon, head is turned toward the left and slightly tilted. Head is molded from wood paste and dipped in gofun (oyster shell powder), painted black feathered eyebrows, painted black eye line and eyes, slightly opened mouth is painted red, white painted two upper teeth, light gray beard shadow. Carved wood hands are dipped in gofun. Clothing consists of paper card finished with brown sand paper except back plate which is smooth. Three tiered shoulder armour laced with blue silk cords in X shape on top and bottom tiers, right shoulder second tier has a metal bar decoration, lower tiers have grey metal decoration at lower edges. Three front and two back armour panels laced with blue cord in X shape at top and bottom and some have a metal band at the top (others are missing). Black corduroy oval epaulets. Breastplate has the same metal decoration (lightening), two metal bands with metal ring in center (snake eye mon). Padded blue silk belt tied in a knot in the front. Underneath the armour is a plain purple silk garment shows at the neck, short sleeves. Underneath are blue and gray cotton and paper brocade sleeves which are tied with blue silk cords. Black corduroy hand guards. Coarse cotton plaid hakama in shades of beige, gray, brown, greeny blue ending at knees. Shin guards have 3 metal slats on left leg, painted black, over a brocade same as sleeves, calves are painted black, blue cords are tied at both ankles. Carved wood feet are painted brown. Helmet is round upside down bowl shape made of card board painted brown, textured outside, smooth inside; red silk crepe ties extending under chin. Condition: broken inside waist so that it doesn't sit up properly, chipped paint on backplate, missing metal bands on armour tiers which are deteriorating, crack in right palm around thumb; weapon is missing.
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